Free Bingo Rooms Directory (FBRD) focuses on free bingo and no-deposit bingo resources. We also propose some of the best bingo deposit bonus offers and other enticing promotions, as well as articles and news related to this fascinating and popular game.

Millions of people play bingo games online and many more are learning about bingo by playing free bingo games. Online bingo sites have sprung up all over the internet in a very short period of time and to maintain a competitive edge these sites will offer free bingo games as a way of attracting new bingo players.

Free bingo games are identical to real money bingo games; the only difference is that the prizes won are not real. When you logon to a site to play you will receive free/play money which you will use to purchase cards.

When playing at a new internet bingo site it is advisable to begin playing the free bingo games before moving onto real money games. By playing the free version you will get a good understanding of how the site is operated.

And learning to play bingo is really easy when you're playing free bingo. You can play as much as you like without risking your money. The only way to learn to play the game is to practice online.

You may find that some websites do not offer free bingo games. You'll need to look out for a 'no-deposit bonus' then. No-deposit bonuses are real money promotions, that is you will receive some free  money when you register an account. And you can use this money to play real bingo, so that all prizes or jackpots you win are real! Find out the best online bingo rooms offering this kind of promotion.

Free bingo has evolved a lot in the past years. The free bingo sites used to be ugly, and lacked proper design & sound effects. But lately, more and more free bingo sites are appearing on the internet. And some of these sites are definitely worth a visit.

So when should you play free bingo?

Play free bingo when … your budget says stop!

Let's say you've got $100 and you expect to play five times a week for the next month. That's $5 per session and that's your budget for any given session. Put the rest away, forget about it and enjoy the money you've got in front of you. DO NOT under any circumstances touch another day's bankroll. If you tap out, log off or play a few free bingo games. This is how you remain a happy bingo player and not a whining loser.

Play free bingo when … you don't understand the game yet.

If you're playing to win, know the odds of your game and play accordingly. The numbers may be dull, but they are your roadmap to avoiding the losing plays. Hunches, ESP, clairvoyance, tea leaves, remote viewing and divination are all sorry secondary choices to the mathematics of your game.

Play free bingo when … you are winning.

Have a plan for when to stop. Some folks call it quits when they're up by 50%. Some when they've doubled their session bankroll. Others bail when the tide turns and they lose 20% of their winnings. Whatever your break-point, it's important to have one and stick to it. Otherwise you'll just keep playing until you can't and by then you'll have lost all the money you won. Forget the pot of gold, take the fistful of dollars. Greedy players make big losers. Turn to free bingo if you want to continue playing, but always have a rule that tells you when to stop playing with real money!

Play free bingo when … you just want to have fun.

Unless you're a professional player in a casino with a proven track record, you're playing for the pleasure of it. Online bingo is recreation - you're spending money to be entertained. If the fun stops, so should you. If you cannot afford to lose, play free bingo.

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